About Hannah Jean

Hi, my name is Hannah Jean Kahn, and I go by Jean! That’s a pseudonym, because I talk about tons of personal things on this blog like my husband’s family’s history of alcohol and sexual abuse, my own sexual abuse, and premarital sex.

I’ve recently “come out” with my real name, so I hope you’ll join me there as I write about Catholicism, sex, and our society (a little less about sperm, though, because my mom reads that blog!). 

Sarcastic Catholic” encompasses the tone and topic of what I intend to write about on this blog and around the web: a realistic and sometimes tongue-in-cheek discussion of modern feminism and sexuality from a Catholic perspective. As I feel the presence of God’s love in my life more and more, I’m less sarcastic than ever, but it’s important to remember your roots :).

In real life, I run my own business as a copywriter and marketing writer. I am gathering my notes for a nonfiction book about my experience coming back to the Catholic Church with emotional and physical secular baggage, and on the lighter side, my husband and I are working on a paranormal Catholic YA adventure novel (Kingdom Keepers meets Twilight).

About HJK

Regarding serious things and not-so-serious things, I’m recovering from a tendency to be really, really sarcastic. This is partially from the way I was raised and partially from living a modern feminist and secular life until about age 30.

If you had met me even 4 years ago, you would have met your typical liberal college student. I was all about gay marriage and women’s equality, and I sided hard on the left with issues of race, gender, and wealth. Now I understand the complexity of those issues (and the root of evil in some of them), and I want to explore how I made that leap back to Traditional Catholicism in a way that opens the door for others to make that leap, too.

The road back to church was influenced heavily by the works of C.S. Lewis and my local Christian radio station.

I write about my struggles living out the Catholic faith (because I have some serious Screwtape-style pride, anger, and independence issues) and an abusive relationship I had as a 15-year old when I started secretly engaging in premarital sex. I continued to be sexually active through high school, college, and after college, never considering how birth control and premarital sex could affect my life in the negative (and man oh man they did).

Now, in my 30s, I understand why the Catholic Church was right about that issue (among others), and I want to help parents and teenagers (and maybe even my peers, if they’ll listen) choose the Truth, too.

My husband and I went through the Creighton family planning training. I charted for almost a year, but now I don’t because of some stress issues I was having around the topic of fertility. Right now we are both physically infertile (due to a chronic illness) and psychologically infertile (due to the abuse I experienced as a teenager and the pridefulness that comes with being a liberal feminist for almost 10 years). It’s hard to be sarcastic about that, but I’m going to try to be.

The most recent update is that God can do anything! I am currently pregnant, not freaking out (after the 1st trimester at least), and due in April 2017.

Like I said  — comments, questions, and disagreements welcome… but no drama! 😉

I also love to hear from people struggling with similar problems. Well, I don’t love that we’re both struggling, but I do love reassuring you that it’s normal and that you can find a path to healing. God made us for love, and in some vocations for sex, and there’s a beautiful, healthy life waiting for us if we can keep trying, seeking, and striving. If you need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note at hannahjeankahn@gmail.com

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