Catholicism’s Take on an Over-Sexed Culture

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“If the body and sex are meant to proclaim our union with God, and if there is an enemy who wants to separate us from God, what do you think he is going to attack? If we want to know what is most sacred in this world, all we need to do is look for what is most violently profaned.”

-Christopher West, Introduction to The Theology of the Body

Why are “fashion magazines” covered with pornographic images? Why do all of my friends live together before they are married (including my husband and I before we were practicing Catholics)? Why does sexual abuse happen? Why do girls get pressured into performing sexual acts?

It all makes sense now. Screwtape and his minions are as active in our lives as they were when CS Lewis wrote them up so many years ago. In our time, the enemy has hijacked all news media to create “social pseudo-science” that lies about sex from morning to night.

Sex is for pleasure. Sex is for experimentation. Sex is for stress relief. Sex is between you and whoever you’re doing it with, and it’s not hurting nobody. And if you don’t agree… it’s because you’re unattractive, puritan, too strict, or too chained down by “Catholic guilt.”

Let’s stop believing these lies. Let’s speak up about our own experiences. Let’s not marginalize what we feel and what we see — that sex is bigger than what our society wants us to think. That it means something. That when you have sex outside of the sacrament of marriage it twists into something ugly and selfish. That marriage is a gift and a sacrament, not a burden. That our bodies and our sexuality deserve more credit than what our society gives them today.


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